Wide gap all welded Plate Heat Exchanger for Sugar Juice heating

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How it works

Wide gap all welded plate heat exchanger is specially applied in thermal process of medium which contain much solid particles and fiber suspensions or heat up and cool down of viscous fluid. Because the channel at one side is formed by spot-welded contact points that between dimple corrugated plates, The channel at the other side is wide gap channel formed between dimple corrugated plates with no contact points. This ensures smooth flow of the fluid in the wide gap channel. No "dead area" and no deposition of the solid particles or suspensions.



Blue channel: for Sugar juice

Red channel: for Hot water


Main technical advantages

  • High heat transfer coefficient due to thin metal plate and special plate corrugation.
  • Flexible and Customer-made construction
  • Compact and small footprint


  • Low pressure drop
  • Bolted cover plate, Easy to cleaning and opening
  • Wide gap channel, no clogging for Juice stream, abrasive slurry and viscous liquids
  • Gasket free due to fully welded plate heat exchanger type, No spare parts to be needed frequently
  • Easy to clean by openning the bolted covers of two sides


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