About us

Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd. (SHPHE in short) is specialized in design, manufacturing, installation and service of plate heat exchanger.

SHPHE has complete quality assurance system from design, manufacturing, inspection and delivery. It is certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and hold ASME U Certificate.

During the past ten years, the products of SHPHE have been exported to US, Canada, Greece, Romania, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, etc. SHPHE dedicates to supply quality plate heat exchangers to various clients worldwide in oil and gas, chemical, power plant, bio-energy, metallurgy, marine, HVAC, mechanical manufacturing, paper & pulp, steel, etc. 



Products line

SHPHE has 60 series, 20 different kinds of heat exchange equipment, a leading company in domestic plate heat exchanger industry in terms of R & D and product variety. The wide gap welded plate heat exchanger, flue gas heat exchanger, plate air-preheater, plate heat exchanger with high pressure resistant lead the development of the line.

Product Series
Heat Exchange Equipments

Our team

SHPHE has more than 170 employees and over 30 different invention, patents and copyrights. Engineers and technicians accounts for 40% of total employees. SHPHE has its own advanced technology in thermal sizing, engineering and numerical simulation method.


Facilities such as 60MN/200MN high precision press machine, punching machine, 2mx15m automatic electric resistant /arc welding machine, automatic multi-spot welding machine, welding robot, TIG welding machine ensure the hardware capability for manufacturing different plate heat exchangers.


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