Plate dehumidifier for reducing moisture of gas

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Certificates:                ASME,  NB, CE, BV, SGS etc.

Design pressure:        Vacuum ~ 35 Bars

Plate thickness:         1.0~ 2.5mm

Design Temp.:            -20℃~320℃

Channel gap:              8 ~ 30mm

Max. surface area:      2000m2

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How inert gas works on LNG carriers?

In the system process, high temperature inert gas from the inert gas generator passes through the scrubber for preliminary cooling, dedusting and desulfurization under the action of the induced draft fan, to make it close to the sea water temperature, and then enters the plate dehumidifier for cooling, dehumidifying, purification again. Finally, after entering the drying device, it is mixed into the oil tank to replace the air in it and reduce the oxygen content of the oil gas to ensure the normal operation of the carrier.  

What is plate dehumidifier?

Plate dehumidifier is composed of heat exchange plate pack, dip tray, separator and demister.When going through plate dehumidifier, inert gas is cooled down below dew point temp, moisture of inert gas gets condensed on plate surface, dried inert gas is vented from separator after removing impurities in demister.

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Plate dehumidifier offers several advantages such as large treatment capacity, high efficiency, low pressure drop, excellent anti-clogging and corrosion resistance performance.


With technology leading development of the line, working with high end strategic partners, Shanghai Heat Transfer is aiming to be a customized solution provider for plate dehumidifier.

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