Plate heat exchanger for marine diesel engine

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Welded HT-Bloc heat exchanger-1

Certificates:                ASME,  NB, CE, BV, SGS etc.

Design pressure:        Vacuum ~ 36 Bars

Plate thickness:          0.4 ~ 1.0mm

Design Temp.:            210℃

Plate Spacing:            2.2~10.0mm

Max. surface area:     4000m2

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Marine diesel engine is the main power of civil ships, small and medium-sized warships and conventional submarines.

The cooling medium of marine diesel engine gets recycled after cooling down in plate heat exchanger.

Why choose plate heat exchanger for marine diesel engine?

The key reason is that marine diesel engine should be as light and small as possible in safety of intensity. By comparing different cooling methods, it is obtained that plate heat exchanger is the most appropriate choice for this need.

First of all, plate heat exchanger is a kind of high heat exchange efficiency equipment, clearly this would lead to smaller heat transfer area.

In addition, materials with relatively low density such as Titanium and Aluminum could be selected for reducing weight.

Secondly, plate heat exchanger is a compact solution currently available with significantly small footprint.

For these reasons, Plate heat exchanger has become a best design optimization in respect of weight and volume.

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