Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd. (SHPHE in short) is specialized in design, manufacturing, installation and service of plate heat exchanger. SHPHE has complete quality assurance system from design, manufacturing, inspection and delivery. It is certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and hold ASME U Certificate.

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    Founded in 2005
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    More than 20000 ㎡ factory area
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    More than 16 products
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    Exported to more than 20 countries



  • Titanium plate + viton gasket, can run for a long time?

    As we know, among the plates of plate heat exchanger, titanium plate is unique for its excellent resistance to corrosion. And in the selection of gasket, viton gasket is famous for resistance to acid and alkali and other chemicals. So can they be used together to improve...

  • The products of SHPHE contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics

    The day of Beijing Winter Olympics is getting close! Feiyang, which is a torch in Winter Olympics and Paralympics, not only have a very dynamic andenergetic appearance, but also its shell contains black technology. That’s why Feiya...