Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment Co, Ltd (SHPHE in het kort) is een Chinees-Duitse joint venture, gevestigd in Shanghai, China, gespecialiseerd in ontwerp, productie, installatie en service van de plaat warmtewisselaar. SHPHE heeft compleet systeem voor kwaliteitsborging van ontwerp, fabricage, inspectie en aflevering. Het is gecertificeerd met ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 en hold ASME U certificaat.

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    Opgericht in 2005
  • -㎡ +
    Meer dan 20.000 ㎡ fabriek gebied
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    Meer dan 16 producten
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    Geëxporteerd naar meer dan 20 landen



  • SHPHE two TP heat exchangers were successfully delivered

    SHPHE overcame the difficulties during the epidemic, Various measures had finally ensured that the two TP welded plate heat exchangers exported to the United States successfully passed the third-party acceptance and were shipped on May 15. The heat exchanger is welded by an advanced automatic wel...

  • Fighting against the epidemic, two plate air preheaters were successfully delivered

    The export products of our two plate air preheaters successfully passed the user acceptance and were delivered on Apr.26. This project is our company’s first important overseas export project this year. The two products are the key materials that are urgently needed by the user project. The...