HT-Bloc Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

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Welded HT-Bloc heat exchanger-1

Certificates: ASME,  NB, CE, BV, SGS etc.

Design pressure: Vacuum ~ 32 Bars

Plate thickness: 0.8 ~ 1.2mm

Design Temp.: -20℃~350℃

Plate Spacing: 8~10mm

Max. surface area: 600m2

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Welded HT-Bloc heat exchanger

What is HT-Bloc welded heat exchanger?

HT-Bloc welded heat exchanger is made up of plate pack and frame. The plate pack is formed by welding a certain number of plates, then it is installed into a frame, which is configured by four corner girders, top and bottom plates and four side covers. 

Welded HT-Bloc heat exchanger


As a high-performance fully welded heat exchanger for process industries, HT-Bloc welded heat exchanger is widely used in oil refinery, chemical, metallurgy, power, pulp & paper, coke and sugar industry.



Why isHT-Bloc welded heat exchanger suitable for various industries?

The reason lies in a range of advantages of HT-Bloc welded heat exchanger:

First of all, the plate pack is fully welded without gasket, which allows it to be used at process with high-pressure and high-temperature.

Welded HT-Bloc heat exchanger-4

Secondly, the frame is bolted connected and can be easily disassembled for inspection, service and cleaning.

Welded HT-Bloc heat exchanger-5

Thirdly, the corrugated plates promote high turbulence which provides high heat transfer efficiency and help minimize fouling. 

Welded HT-Bloc heat exchanger-6

Last but not least, with exceedingly compact structure and small footprint, it can significantly reduce the installation cost.

Welded HT-Bloc heat exchanger-7

With a focus on performance, compactness, and serviceability, the HT-Bloc welded heat exchangers are always designed for providing the most efficient, compact and cleanable heat exchange solution.

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