Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd. (SHPHE in short) is specialized in design, manufacturing, installation and service of plate heat exchanger. SHPHE has complete quality assurance system from design, manufacturing, inspection and delivery. It is certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and hold ASME U Certificate.

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    Founded in MMV
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    Magis quam (XX) ㎡ area fabrica
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    Plus quam XVI products
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    Exportata ad magis quam XX regionibus



  • How to choose plate and gasket of plate heat exchanger

    In addition to water, Most of the media used in plate heat exchanger are lean solution, rich solution, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid and other chemical media, which is easy to cause corrosion of plate and swelling and aging of gasket.  Plate and gasket are the core elements of plate heat excha...

  • Decem tips pro usura calor exchanger Text

    (I). In calidum laminam exchanger non operated sub conditione, quod excedit terminum consilio suo, et non est in apparatu pressura inpulsa. (II). Operator est salus gerunt caestus, salutem tutela goggles quod alius apparatus quod est conservans et Purgato calidum laminam exchanger. (III). N Do ...