Wide gap pillow plate heat exchanger in fuel ethanol plant

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Certificates:               ASME,  NB, CE, BV, SGS etc.

Design pressure:        Vacuum ~ 35 Bars

Plate thickness:          1.0 ~ 2.5mm

Design Temp.:            ≤350℃

Channel gap:              8 ~ 30mm

Max. surface area:       2000m2


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The plate heat exchanger can be especially used for thermal treatment such as heat-up and cool-down of viscous medium or medium contains coarse particles and fiber suspensions.


Special design of the heat exchange plate ensures better heat transfer efficiency and pressure loss than other kinds of heat exchange equipment in the same condition. Smooth flow of the fluid in the wide gap channel is also ensured. It realizes the aim of no“ dead area” and no deposition or blockage of the coarse particles or suspensions.

Wide gap pillow plate heat exchanger in fuel ethanol plant2
Wide Gap Channel Wastewater cooler3


High service temperature 350°C
High service pressure up to 35 bars
High heat transfer coefficients due to corrugated plate
Free flow channels with wide gap for wastewater
Easy for cleaning
No spare gaskets

Wide gap pillow plate heat exchanger in paper plant5

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