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What is HT-Bloc?

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HT-Bloc plate heat exchanger is made up of plate pack and frame. The plate pack is certain number of plates welded together to form channels, then it is installed into a frame, which is formed by four corner girders, top and bottom plates and four side panels. The frame is bolted connected and can be easily disassembled for service and cleaning. There are three different plate patterns, corrugated, studded, and dimpled pattern, to meet different process requirements.

Why All Welded Bloc Plate Heat Exchanger?

1.Corrugated plate type. High heat transfer efficiency & good pressure-bearing,suitable for clean medium at both sides. 

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2.Cross flow for one pass HE, countercurrent flow for multiple pass HE to guarantee heat transfer.)

3.Plate pack is fully welded without gaskets.

4.Suitable for high temp., high pressure and corrosive process.

5.Flexible flow pass design      

6.Different flow pass number at hot and cold side can ensure high heat transfer efficiency at both sides. Pass arrangement  can be easily adjusted according to new process requirement.

7.Compact structure and small footprint

8.Frame can be disassembled to facilitate repair & cleaning.

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☵  Refinery
Pre-heating of crude oil
Condensation of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc.

☵  Natural gas
Gas sweetening, decarburization ——lean/rich solvent service
Gas dehydration —— heat recovery in TEG systems

☵  Refined oil
Crude oil sweetening —— edible oil heat exchanger

☵  Coke over plants
Ammonia liquor scrubber cooling
Benzoilzed oil heating, cooling

☵  Refine sugar
mixed juice, fumigated juice heating
Pressure mooring juice heating

☵  Pulp and paper
Heat recovery of boil and fumigation
Heat recovery of bleaching process
Washing liquid heating

☵  Fuel ethanol
Lees liquid to fermented liquid heat exchange
Pre-heating of ethanol solution

☵  Chemicals, Metallurgy, Fertilizer production, Chemical fiber, Water treatment plant, etc. 

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