Fighting against the epidemic, two plate air preheaters were successfully delivered

The export products of our two plate air preheaters successfully passed the user acceptance and were delivered on Apr.26. This project is our company’s first important overseas export project this year. The two products are the key materials that are urgently needed by the user project. The company overcame the difficulties during the epidemic and meets the difficulties. Various measures had finally ensured the delivery of the products on time.

The two plate air preheaters supplied this time are used as preheaters for incinerator. The single exhaust gas treatment capacity reaches 21000Nm³/h, and the whole equipment is made of stainless steel 316L. The project is mainly aimed at the comprehensive treatment of organic waste gas containing IPA. The organic waste gas is treated in an incinerator and other devices in a high temperature state, and then preheats the low-temperature organic waste gas through a plate preheater, and is finally discharged    into the atmosphere to achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

Beginning in June 2019, with the issuance of the “Comprehensive Management Scheme for Volatile Organic Compounds in Key Industries” by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (Central Atmosphere (2019) No. 53), in conjunction with the actual situation, local governments have targeted VOCs pollution prevention and treatment has introduced relevant governance policies to carry out comprehensive governance for petrochemical, chemical, industrial coating, packaging and printing industries. The company actively responds to the needs of policies, based on technological research and innovation,   through product upgrading, to provide customers with satisfactory solutions, manufacturing high-quality heat exchange products.

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Post time: Apr-29-2020