The products of SHPHE contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics

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The day of Beijing Winter Olympics is getting close! Feiyang, which is a torch in Winter Olympics and Paralympics, not only have a very dynamic andenergetic appearance, but also its shell contains black technology. That’s why Feiyang’s shell can resist fire and high temperature, and at same time it also can use in extremely cold weather. Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Corporation provide Feiyang’s shell with carbon fiber ,which is processed from petroleum products into many tows, and every tow contains 12,000 carbon fiber. After three-dimensional system, finally become the shell of the torch. No seams or no pores are visible, the shape of the whole torch looks like one integrated mass.

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As a supplier, Shanghai Heat Transfer Equipment Co.,Ltd.(SHPHE) as a supplier, which is specialized in design, manufacturing, installation and service of plate heat exchanger and other complete plant. Because of excellent design scheme, high quality products, and quality service, SHPHE stands out in the carbon fiber project of Shanghai Petrochemical Corporation compared to other suppliers, and finally become the supplier of Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger and Welded Heat Exchanger in Shanghai Petrochemical Carbon fiber production line. This is really an affirmation of Shanghai heat transfer technology and ability! In order to make sure that quality projects of Carbon fiber project can be delivered, SHPHE from the design, manufacturing, inspection and other aspects of a thorough arrangement to complete the delivery of products on schedule. The products run well in the customer site, fully meet the production line process requirements, and provide customers with strong support and guarantee.

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As a technical and innovative enterprise, SHPHE with the operation philosophy“Credibility & Integrity being the foundation, pursuing the best”, continue to meet customers needs and create value for customers with advanced technology, quality products and service and strict style. “With technology leading development of the line, working with high end enterprises, aiming to be a solution provider in plate heat exchanger industry” is our permanent pursuit!

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Here, let’s cheer for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics Chinese athletes! Come on China!

Post time: Jan-24-2022