Giant plate heat exchanger delivered

With the acceleration of urbanization, the construction requirements of pressure isolation heat exchange station, the core of heating system, are becoming higher and higher. As the critical core equipment of pressure isolation heat exchange station, Plate heat exchanger must meet the boundary conditions of high temperature and high pressure.

In this pressure isolation station project, Our company’s giant plate heat exchanger is selected according to the operating conditions. The heat transfer area is 2400m2, Test pressure is 3.25MPa, The total length of the equipment is 6.7m.  

Giant plate heat exchanger -1

We were strictly controlling the schedule of design, processing, assembly and final acceptance test. With the efforts of all employees of the company, the personnel of all departments cooperated closely, worked overtime and worked all night in order to finish it right at one time. Finally, the pressure test of 3.25MPa on both sides was successful and the plate heat exchanger was delivered on schedule.

Giant plate heat exchanger -2

Post time: Sep-02-2021